What is the Best Method For Backup of My Data?

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Top 10 Small Business IT Questions

#7 What is the Best Method for Backup of My Data?

Backing up data should be a priority for your business.  All businesses depend on documents and data to function. Even small business, like mine, need to protect their information. This is especially critical if you’re ever victimized by ransomware or viruses.

Financial records, significant documents, and communications are some of the basics a small business needs to back up. For these needs, an online backup solution will suffice. Several of the most popular options available are identified in this recent article:

Online backup services provide you a built-in capability to retrieve files or documents, without having to figure out some complicated process on your own. Also, these solutions are incremental, meaning only the changes are transmitted to the cloud. The system “knows” it does not need to back-up identical information over and over again.

To me, the best feature of online backup services is that offsite storage is already built into the solution. You no longer need to be concerned with moving portable disks or backup tapes to a secure offsite location. In my case, I no longer need to remember to take them home with me!

One of the oldest companies, used by many of my customers, is Carbonite. It is ranked third in the report evaluation above. Its ease-of-use makes it a popular choice. However, if your backup requirements are more extensive, Consumer Reports wrote a nice report which identifies several options available for backing up your data:

Don’t forget to test your backup solution as part of your annual maintenance plan. Once your information is backed-up and secure, make sure you know the steps to recover you company’s information and that you actually “practice” how to do it!

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What is the Cloud?

What is the Cloud?

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Top 10 Small Business IT Questions

#1 What is the Cloud?

The name Cloud sounds mysterious and difficult to grasp. It really isn’t. In its simplest form anything outside of your physical location, i.e. your house or office, is the Cloud. The way most of us access things outside of our physical location is through the public information highway known as the Internet. The Cloud has become synonymous with the Internet.

If you travel back in time when the dinosaurs walked the earth (25+ years ago) before the Internet, everything was self-contained in your office. The software, hardware and data you needed to perform your daily duties were all located in one location – usually on a PC or server sitting under a desk. If you were connected to another office location, your company owned and managed the connection of these “self-contained” locations. Dinosaur in a cave using the InternetToday our world is ubiquitous because of the Internet. Not only are you connecting to other offices through the Internet but you are also accessing software and hardware through the Internet. You can even store your data on the Internet.

The Cloud, then, is all that stuff outside of your current physical location or, if you’re a dinosaur like me, outside of your cave!

Want to learn how migrating some of your IT services to the Cloud can help your business improve efficiency, accessibility, and flexibility?

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Top 10 Small Business IT Questions

The Top 10 Most Common IT Questions Asked by Small Business Owners

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Below are the top ten most common information technology questions we hear from small business owners.  Over the next couple weeks our President Sid Kato will be answering these questions here on Tech Talk with Array.  If you are a small business owner and you don’t see your question listed here, please let us know by submitting an article suggestion to the right –>

We’re here to help!

  1. What is the Cloud?

  2. How can Social Media help me find potential customers?

  3. I’m concerned about identity theft, how do I protect myself?

  4. How do I protect myself from hackers?

  5. What is the best way to protect against viruses?

  6. Do I need a website?

  7. What is the best method for backup of my data?

  8. What email system should I be using?

  9. I have some old equipment still in use, what is the typical lifecycle for this equipment?

  10. My Internet connection is slow should I change providers?

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