Downfall of Traditional BI

Traditional Business Intelligence is Expensive and Time Consuming

Conventional business intelligence tools depend on processing data from multiple enterprise systems. Usually, data must be extracted from each system while being forced into a preset data structure and finally loaded into a dedicated data warehouse system. This means that you need to purchase all of the equipment (servers, data warehouse terminals, custom software programs) that gathers the data and creates reports which could exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Deploying a business data structure can take a 6 person IT department over 6 months to deploy because they will need to anticipate every possible data relationship before they analyze the results. We can usually integrate our data reporting solution to your enterprise in less that one month!

More problems that traditional business intelligence users face

Crippling Data Overload

Relational database programs are so inefficient at scanning large amounts of data that they must be pre-calculated to run more smoothly. Pre-calculated warehouse data can result in two to three times more data making it nearly impossible to manage the current data as well as new data that your company incurs as your company changes and grows.

Expensive Scalability

Any time a new system or a new field of information is added the data structure has to be completely revamped to accommodate the new changes. This can be very costly.

Data Reporting is Limited

Pre-constructed data reports may not always be what you want.

Large Amount of IT Involvement

The IT department typically handles the request for customized reports when something goes wrong or the desired results are not obtained. This can drain the time and efficiency of your IT department.

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