Executive Consulting

CEO to CEO Consultation

Consulting with Sid Kato, CEO of Array Systems, is easy! You can contact him personally by phone, by email, or by scheduling a meeting with him. Sid specializes in customizing a plan for your IT systems that is unique to your small business needs. Sid has been in charge of Array for over 23 years and has a plethora of ways he can increase your business productivity by improving your IT systems and management.

Sid is also a member of the world famous CEO community known as Vistage. Vistage is the largest CEO membership organization and stand for creating better leaders, helping leaders make better decisions, and ultimately: creating better results.

Sid’s philosophies:

  • “A dream team is no dream if the players can’t communicate with each other”
  • “There are few species for which migration is instinctual – Ours is not among them”
  • “Obtaining competitive advantage requires two things:
    1. First, recognizing that the user is the most important corporate resource and should be given the chance to define the system requirements.
    2. Second, that new implementations will always fail without a realistic set of objectives and plans.”
  • “Believing technology produces competitive advantage is like thinking copper wire generates electricity”
  • “We do not look at technology solution first, which our clients typically expect. Instead we focus on the overall business dynamic. Together with our clients, we identify opportunities to support a particular enterprise objective. Since our business is service and not product based, we can be more objective and often more successful this way.”

For more information on setting up a meeting with Sid Kato, please Contact Us or give us a call toll free: (877) 412-7729.

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