Application Support

Application Support for maximum ROI

Array Systems Makes Sure that Your Software Applications are Running Smoothly

Today, all major business processes are computerized in part or in whole. Therefore, every company must have an application support organization to ensure that these business applications run successfully and are error free. Many businesses choose end-to-end enterprise application management solutions to support their critical business operations. Managing these applications on an ongoing basis requires a considerable amount of time, equipment, expense, and staffing that many organizations cannot afford to provide.

Here at Array, we are your single point of contact for all of your IT needs. We offer application management services that provide expert application support for your custom business applications. We manage custom applications and leading enterprise applications from Microsoft, Oracle, and much more. We also have the expertise to improve your current support applications so that they run more smoothly, therefore, increasing business productivity.

Need help developing custom applications for your company? No Problem.

Application Support Benefits:

  • Allow us to run your critical support applications while you focus on improving business alignment and on revenue-generating activities
  • Allow us to modify your current application support programs to more efficient and cost effective programs
  • Predictable expense management
  • Increased speed of deployment
  • Complete accountability from an end-to-end solution

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Array’s testing methodology is tailored to the specific application being tested. Whether you’re interested in compatibility, functionality, load/stress or localization testing of your software application, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the information you need.

All software testing starts with the preparation of a detailed test plan; whenever possible, we like to work with a copy of your application during this process in order to include our recommendations and deliver a quality test proposal. Once we have agreed on the work to be done and the price, the test is scheduled; during and after the test period, we give you the test data in the format and frequency that you specify. Our lab reports are written in a clear, objective manner and our test engineers and report writers bring discretion and years of hands-on experience to everything they do.

If you would like more information about our Application Support Solution or Quality Assurance Testing, please Contact Us or give us a call toll free: (877) 412-7729.

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