Internet Service Problems

Having Internet Service Problems?

If your Internet connection has slowed – the time it takes to get to your favorite websites or open your email program and the emails inside it has increased noticeably – you have a problem.

What usually causes these problems?

– Computer Viruses: programs written to do harm to your computer that spread via email or any other way computers can share data

– Worms: viruses written with the intention of computer disruption and the capability of spreading themselves from computer to computer

– Trojans: programs written to enable a remote user to control your computer for any purpose, such as email spamming or attacking other computers via your computer.

– Spyware: programs written to track where you go, what you see and/or buy in order to sell that data to marketing companies or advertising clients.

– Malware: some sort of combination of all the above.

– Adware: programs written to continuously blast you with advertising and/or re-route your webpage requests with pages that are other than those you requested.

What we can do for your Internet Service Problems

If you have encountered any of the above symptoms, call us immediately. We can get rid of any of the above and get your Internet connection back up to speed. We can even help to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Save Time and Money with Shared Internet Access

Shared Internet access means that you only need one Internet account for all of your computers. You can share the one Internet access account with every computer in office or home. We can enhance your Internet experience, from simple Internet access sharing to increased levels of security. Ensuring high levels of security is vital, especially if you have a DSL or cable account.

Is your Internet Service Problems affecting the way you do business? If so, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or give us a call toll free: (877) 412-7729.

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