Maintenance & Enhancement

Production Application Maintenance & Enhancement

Today’s dynamic business climate warrants that businesses update their legacy and other applications constantly, thereby smoothly reflecting changing business processes. Many large organizations still run legacy applications that require regular maintenance. This implies that many businesses have to maintain software systems on diverse platforms using different architectures and technologies. The age of these systems, processes and (non) standards followed during their design, development and maintenance, the lack of availability or synchronization of documentation, the expense of maintaining in-house expertise are all challenges that must be faced in maintaining and supporting a widespread IT system.

Industry studies show that regular maintenance activity diverts the time and resources of the in-house IT team. The fact is, when the maintenance is handled with in-house staff, it leaves very little time for developing the new applications that are essential for your business to stay competitive. Outsourcing is a cost-effective management practice. Array offers proven outsourcing option for maintaining your IT systems and applications.

Array’s application maintenance services not only allow clients to focus on their core business, but taking the value further, Array delivers the cost reductions that are critical in these competitive market conditions. We provide 24×7 support – all through the year- allowing systems to run in support of today’s real-time business environments.

Array Systems also offers an on-site/offshore delivery model that can insure success while significantly reducing costs. With our onsite team forming the bridge between our offshore team and your in-house staff, Array delivers the best of both worlds – cost savings from offshore and timely responsiveness and accountability from onsite presence.

Array works with each client to establish an optimal plan for transitioning to outsourcing maintenance support. Each phase of the transfer process has well defined entry-exit criteria. The beauty of this methodology is that it offers flexibility within a formal framework. Array can execute short cycle-time production fixes as well as large functional enhancements with assured service levels and quality. Array strongly believes in continuous process improvement. As a part of that, we gather several performance metrics for process measurements to help refine process constantly and offer better service to our customers.

Array’s application maintenance capabilities include:

  • Bug fixes, user support, and other essential ongoing maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Enhancements
  • Re-engineering & porting
  • Testing
  • Release Management

If you would like more information about application maintenanace or application enhancement, please Contact Us or give us a call toll free: (877) 412-7729.

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