IT Strategic Planning

Incorporate Array’s Expertise in IT Strategic Planning into a Long Term Business Strategy

Let’s start out with defining what an IT strategic plan is and what it means to you. An IT strategic plan is simply a process for developing a strategy and plans for aligning your information systems with the business strategies of your organization.

Effective IT strategic planning provides the foundation to achieve the cost-effective realization of business goals. In order for your business vision to become a reality, environment planning must account for both a business vision and a realistic portrayal of the tools that are necessary.

A key component of strategic success is a clear understanding of what and how information will be integrated into business processes. Doing this effectively, leads to a portfolio of technology investments closely integrated with the execution of your business strategy.

Benefits of using Array’s IT Strategic Plan

  • Controls investments in PC’s, networks, Internet / Intranet / Extranet and other emerging technologies
  • Positions your information systems to provide the most competitive advantage
  • Links your objectives with the information systems necessary to support your objectives
  • Identifies technology resources to enable organizational changes
  • Creating an e-business by integrating your inter-departmental and inter-organizational communications
  • Produces performance measures of business processes that provide timely, accurate and consistent information to make decisions
  • Facilitates the transition between technology focus to customer focus
  • Increases profitability, customer retention, and ROI

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