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An Intelligent Business Decision for your Enterprise Reporting

Array Systems’ Enterprise-Grade Business Intelligence Solution has been incorporated in over 12,000 companies (REI, T-Mobile, Brooks, Novell, Nike Bauer) since its inception in 1998. Our data warehouse and reporting solution allows each user to experience the full power of business intelligience in their own custom tailored environment whether the user is a customer, vendor, CEO, or rank-and-file employee. Each user’s unique experience will contain powerful self-directed analytic capabilities and freedoms without any IT involvement.

Our business intelligience solution is one of the fastest and most powerful solutions on the market. It seamlessly integrates data sets from multiple sources and dynamically detects business operation changes while providing the industries fastest query response times – even for the most complex ad hoc queries. It only gets better; we can deploy your custom business intelligience solution in 30 days or less! Don’t worry about purchasing data systems, servers, and programs; your data is hosted with us and for a monthly fee, your customized reporting options can all be accessed in an easy-to-use interface.

We work in many industries but specialize in:

  • Retail Industry BI
  • Consumer Packaged Goods BI
  • Supply Chain Management BI

The Power, Speed, and Flexibility of our BI Solution

Effective decision making depends on up-to-date performance data and quick access by anyone who needs the data. Surprisingly, many businesses still depend on Traditional Business Intelligence Solutions that require creating complex data structures, suffering a lengthy deployment process, and consuming precious IT resources before business analytics can even get going.

Our innovative Business Intelligence solution offers:

Enterprise Level Data

Incorporates data from any enterprise level system to include general ledger, inventory, customer support, point-of-sale, human resources, and much more.

Enterprise Level Reach

Connects all users at every level directly to the data reports they are looking for. Data is accessed via their Web Browsers which allows the users to access and compare data to the smallest detail.

Immediate Results

Takes days, not months, to integrate, and scales in a natural way to accommodate new enterprise systems and additional data fields from existing data systems.

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