Consumer Packaged Goods

Business Intelligence for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

With Array Systems Business Intelligence Solution, the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry can expect improved responsiveness to consumer demand. Consumer Packaged Goods decision-makers need access to complete data in order to make timely business decisions. They know that their organization’s success depends on product price optimization, volume optimization, mix optimization, and channel optimization. However, accessing the data is often time consuming, difficult, and very costly. Doesn’t it only make sense that that reporting be more simple, fast, and affordable than it is today?

The Solution: Array Systems Enterprise-Grade Business Intelligence. Array Systems takes pride in its strong ties to consumer packed goods manufacturers and marketers. We know how crucial information and analysis plays in understanding and responding to consumer demands. From back-end supply chain planning to inventory management and from product development to marketing, let us show you a more powerful and cost efficient way to gather you business intelligence data.

Here are only a few of our Consumer Packaged Goods Business Intelligence solutions:

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Sales
  • Multi-Channel Analysis
  • Call Center and Support Analysis
  • Marketing Procedures
  • Inventory Reporting and Analysis
  • Vendor Management
  • Vendor Portals
  • Supply Chain Logistics

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