Retail Industry

Business Intelligence for the Retail Industry

Nowadays, retailers analyze data in distinct ways and have the need to quickly identify opportunities. The more level of detail the retail industry is provided, the better their decisions will be – from price optimization to regional performance analysis and from merchandising to market basket analysis.

The Solution: Array Systems Enterprise-Grade Business Intelligence. We work closely with retailers, giving them the power to collect and analyze the specific information that drives their business forward, making it possible to create highly customized analyses to answer their unique questions pertaining to customers, trends, operations, and merchandising.

Listed Below is a few of our Retail Business Intelligence solutions:

  • Executive Management
  • Merchandising Oversight
  • Store Operation
  • Multi-Channel Retail
  • Management of Logistics
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Vendor and Supply Portals
  • Control of Inventory
  • Analysis and Reporting of Sales
  • Human Resource Management

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